Pluralsight is a great online platform to learn new skills and i admit it has always been my go-to option to strengthen my knowledge on any microsoft azure service which i need to work on.

I was aware that pluralsight and Microsoft had partnered but never went through the details of this partnership.
Recently, while browsing the Microsoft Learn documentation i came across the benefits of this partnership for a learner like myself.

Azure Pluralsight Benefits

Clicking on “See All Free Online Courses” will redirect to the pluralsight website’s benefits details page which looks like this: Register Azure Pluralsight Benefits

After clicking on “Register and Start Free” , we need to fill up the pop-up form that appears on the screen, accepting Terms of Use & Privacy Policy and Hit “I Agree, Activate Benefit”

Register Azure Pluralsight Benefits

This will create a new pluralsight account (incase we don’t have one) or will activate the benefit to existing pluralsight account . Once the account is created, we receive an email from pluralsight having login details.

After logging in with the pluralsight account just created, pluralsight’s default landing page is the azure courses library page having all the courses which are available for free.

Azure Pluralsight Courses

We can also browse to the Account Settings to see the type of subscription linked to our account. In our case we can see we got access to Microsoft Azure (Limited Library) for 5 YEARS.

Pluralsight Account

Highlights of this benefit:

Hope you like this post and Keep Learning !